Joining the Bushwackers Archery Club of Kapolei

Become a member of the Bushwackers Archery Club

The Bushwackers Archery Club of Kapolei would like to invite you and your family to join our family of archery enthusiasts. Members of our club, and soon yours, will be able to receive benefits immediately after membership.


What are your benefits as being a club member?

  1. Club Shirt
  2. Using the Archery facility during operating hours sat-sun and holiday 9am-5pm
  3. Shoot indoor during operating hours sat-sun and holiday 9am-5pm
  4. Paper testing (tune); check arrows speed (indoor)
  5. Testing (Broad-head) (when long yardage area is not in use)
  6. Voice your opinions or make motions during meeting
  7. Club hunts (on or off island)
  8. Games award(s).
    1. Big game award
    2. Small game award
    3. Most game award
  9. Club banquet once a year
  10. Free lunch on work party days
  11. On duty day (scheduled) - $ 5.00 each "for Lunch" on the club. Up to (2) on duty
  12. All Club tournaments Fee(s) for club member shall be half of the cost of entry fee