About Da 6-Pak Bushwackers Archery Club of Kapolei

Da 6-Pak Bushwackers Archery Club of Kapolei

"Da 6 Pak Bushwackers" was chartered in 1986, with the intent of providing a club that would foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of archery and bowhunting in the State of Hawaii. Since that time, the club has become one of the premier archery clubs in the State of Hawaii. We have introduced hundreds of archers to the sport via our involvement with the Kapolei Archery Range.

This club was founded to:

  • Foster, expand and promote archery and bow hunting in the State of Hawaii.
  • Foster the spirit of fellowship amoung archers and bowhunters.
  • To encourage bowhunting and to protect, improve and increase the privileges of bowhunting.
  • Cooperate with authorities, in the propagation and conservation of all game and its'natural habitats.
  • Educate others on the sport of archery and bowhunting.

Da 6 Pak Bushwackers is affiliated with the National Field Archery Association.

Individuals with the time and desire to be part of this club should contact any 6 Pak club member for additional information.

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